Socially responsible

At Amykus we value people and animals. Equality between men and women is a reality within the company, as well as caring for pets. We also participate in solidarity initiatives, with regular donations in our collaboration with associations and protectors.

The way in which the feed is worked and produced is sustainable

We favor the environment, since the bottling plant uses 100% renewable energy. In addition, we are committed to digitization, focusing on commercialization through technology and thus helping to reduce paper, ink, plastic...


We pack all our products in a protective atmosphere to improve their conservation.


We take care of the environment using 100% renewable energy in our production processes.


We select local raw materials for the preparation of all our food.

At Amykus we are committed to striving daily to live up to the affection, love and tenderness that our faithful friends constantly show us.

Our goal is to return all that family affection with a real diet, formulated responsibly and made with the best healthy products, always providing a balanced diet for every moment, and ensuring that the product arrives in excellent characteristics thanks to an innovative system of smart packaging.