Pet lovers

Amykus is a brand of animal feed that was born to seek the best nutritional balance for pets (dogs and cats), improving the products that exist in the market, thanks to the experience accumulated in the sector of the members of its team.

The range of feeding bags that we offer is designed and adapted for different types of dog. Amykus is also working to bring different cat foods to the market.

Why Amykus?

We are pet lovers.

Our passion is to offer the best products for your pets and to do them with professionalism and commitment. We are aimed at helping pet owners not only with their diet, but also by providing them with information and advice through an app

   Highest sustainable quality

Complete and balanced food, manufactured with renewable energy, for pets to enjoy and meet their nutritional needs, regardless of their breed or size.

   Guaranteed freshness

Healthy, safe and excellent quality products are ensured thanks to the protective packaging and an innovative intelligent packaging system.

   Practical packaging

The high-quality sack incorporates a handle so that it can be transported without problems and it is comfortable to use for all members of the family.

   Free app

With information and advice for your pet.


Prepare a high quality food for pets (dogs and cats) with careful transformation processes with raw materials, ensuring that the food maintains its maximum freshness and original nutritional qualities.

Marketing specialized pet food through an attractive and different ecommerce from the usual one, efficiently, agile and effective in front of customers, distributors and suppliers, with a sustainable awareness of paper 0.

Constantly search and select new protein sources that give a competitive improvement compared to the rest.


To be a reference at a local and national level in the world of pets, not only for the commercialization of high quality food, but also for the way of adaptation and commercial innovation to new technologies.



Sensitivity for people, pets and the environment.


Friendly and familiar treatment.


Sincerity above all else.


Maximum quality in all our products, processes and services.


The commitment to technology and continuous improvement are part of our DNA.

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