Amykus Fish

Fish croquettes

Amykus Fish

Fish croquettes

Complete food made only with highly digestible fish and with an intense flavor.

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Complete food made only with highly digestible fish and with an intense flavor.

An age-appropriate formula based on required nutritional needs. It promotes improved physical condition: the blend of vital substances boosts well-being. Balanced digestion: it includes an adapted blend of fibres and probiotics selected for their low or zero capacity to cause allergies and that boost nutrient absorption and balance in intestinal flora. 

Vitamins C and E: beneficial to boost the immune system. Healthy hair and skin: thanks to the omega-3 and omega-6 oil content. With Mojave yucca: helps to decrease foul-smelling faeces. No artificial preservatives or colorants. Innovaprotect extrusion: boosts dental health, thanks to the shape of the feed. Recipe developed by nutritionists and veterinarians. Food safety: very important, strict requirements in the purchase of our ingredients.

As a manufacturer with extensive experience since 1988, Serveram S.L. is dedicated to the research and development of high quality whole foods and always uses the best ingredients.

Brown rice* 9.00%, whole dehydrated herring 8%, tuna 6%, whole dehydrated whiting, whole dehydrated sea bream 4%, dehydrated salmon 3.2%, dehydrated cod, dried apple pulp* 3.20%, Mojave cassava, chicory roots*, beet pulp, mannan-oligosaccharides, Oat flakes 1.20%, whole corn*,  dried carrot* 1.00%, flaxseed* 0.90%, olive oil* 0.69%, turmeric* 0.60%, fructo-oligosaccharides, ground carob*, whole peas*, chamomile flower*, dehydrated seaweed*, brewer's yeast, salmon oil, fennel* 0.10%, echinacea* 0.07%, dried Indian rose* 0.05%, thyme* 0.03%, clove* 0.01%.

*Made with natural ingredients.


Analytical components

Crude protein 25,30 %
Crude fiber 2,5 %
Crude fat 11,00 %
Inorganic matter 7,5 %
Calcium 1,6 %
Phosphorus 1,10 %
Linoleic acid 2,20 %
Omega-3 fatty acids 0,50 %
Omega-6 fatty acids 2,50 %
Moisture 8,00 %
Sodium 0,30 %

Recommended daily intake

Dog weight grams / day
1 - 5 kg 40 - 120 g
5 - 10 kg 120 - 210 g
10 - 20 kg 210 - 320 g
20 - 30 kg 320 - 440 g
30 - 40 kg 440 - 520 g
+40 kg 520 - 685 g

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